Tips on Maintaining Your Roof

Having a one-story home with a roof that has a low slope may expose your roof to a lot of leaf accumulation specially if you have trees nearby. The leaves that are on your roof can get wet from rain or moisture and can cause many problems in the future if left alone thus a way to ensure to keep them away while making sure you are safe while doing so, is through using a garden hose. Using a pressure washer might come to mind due to its proven cleaning abilities in many other parts of the home, however it does not really do good on the shingles of your roof, thus use a garden hose instead. 


Another way is to keep the moss away. You have probably noticed some black algae in your roof, if ever you are concerned of the bad implication this brings, hush those worries because black algae can be easily handled through the help of some detergent and water. However, if you find moss, you need to be more cautious. Unlike black algae, moss have the ability to trap water because it is like a three-dimensional form of algae. If ever you noticed it early, make sure to get rid of it right away. Buildup of moss may need more than just a detergent and water. If buildup is the case, the first step is to let the moss die through the use of specialized formulas. Even if this is the case, your soap and water can still help with the problem as it can get rid some of the moss, even if not all, thus leading to lesser moss buildup. If ever you have successfully gotten rid of the moss buildup through scrubbing it away with soap and water and through the use of specialized formulas to kill it, be sure to invest in strips made of zinc to keep it away for good. Zinc helps in making sure moss does not grow back.  

We talked of leaves earlier being accumulated in your home’s roof and how it can trap water or moisture. To keep this problem away, make sure to trim the tree branches around your home to keep the leaves away. This will help in keeping away the damage that it may bring to your roof. The branches that overhang can also lead way for animals and insects to have access to your roof thus eliminating the branches that overhang really helps in keeping the insects and rodents away. Moreover, this also eliminates possible damage in the time of storms.  

In winter, ice can buildup on your roof thus it is very beneficial for you and your home’s safety to make sure this buildup does not happen. Through the use of a rake for the roof, get rid of the snow that has been dislodged in your gutters. You can also use a ladder to make the process easier however always be sure to keep your safety a priority.  

One very significant move is to invest in roof cleaning services. Through this, you can definitely ensure that your roof is safe as well as you and your family.