Preparing Your Lawn for Snow

As a homeowner, you probably spent all summer watering and mowing your lawn to maintain its green and luscious appearance. However, once the cold weather arrives, it is time to protect your lawn to ensure it stays healthy over the winter.  

You have perhaps seen temperatures dipping quite low this week. This means snow is on its way and you have to prepare your irrigation system. Fortunately for you, we are here to help.  

Aside from hiring a professional lawn care Stone Oak San Antonio TX company, here are several things you can do to prepare your lawn for snow: 

Things Not to Prune 

You should keep in mind that shrubs that flower early in the spring have set already the buds that will turn into beautiful flowers. Because of this, you shouldn’t prune Spirea, Viburnum, Forsythia, Dogwood, and Lilac in the fall. Else, you will not see any flowers when spring arrives.  

Prune to Avoid Decay and Storm Damage 

It is always ideal to have ripped and broken branches pruned back using a nice cut. Else, torn branches can invite disease and pests. If you don’t know how to properly prune a tree, you should hire a professional tree service company. Don’t worry about spending money. It will pay off in the long run. 

Do Not Forget Evergreens 

While they endure heavy snow and cold temperatures during the winter season, their limbs can also break. That is why you should keep track of them during heavy snows. Also, don’t forget to shake their branches to get rid of the accumulated snow.  

Remove Snow from Branches 

There’s a high possibility that storm damage is going to happen on trees that have not dropped their leaves yet. Snow can accumulate, weigh down the limbs, and cause breakage. Trees that still have a lot of leaves are particularly vulnerable to damage.  

You can utilize a broom handle to shake gently branches so snow falls off. You can do this if you notice snow accumulating and you can’t reach the branches. You should work your way up, starting on the bottom branches. If you start from the top, the snow will fall onto the bottom branches and will add to the load. This can result in breakage.  

Snow on Top of Leaves 

Wet leaves become slimy and heavy. They also take time to dry out. You should deal with it before the snow starts falling if your yard is filled with leaves. This will help you save trouble and time in the long run. A wise idea is to mulch leaves using a mulching lawnmower if you’ve got leaves on your lawn. This will leave small fragments of leaves that are ideal nutrition for your lawn. 

In bed places, it will also help you in the future if you rake out the leaves.  

Don’t Forget the Sprinkler System 

You shouldn’t delay it if you haven’t winterized your sprinkler system yet. Make sure you hire a professional to drain the lines properly. Also, make sure you shut off the system once it is winterized.